About Bootstrap for Shopify

Welcome to the Bootstrap 2 demo store for Bootstrap for Shopify - the easiest way to build Shopify themes using the Bootstrap framework.

This project first started when I (Gavin) was working on updating the theme for a personal Shopify store. I was looking for a clean, responsive solution without a lot of the cruft that usually accompanies Shopify themes. I couldn't really find all that many myself, so I wondered how hard it would be to build something myself, using a front-end framework I was familiar with - the Bootstrap Framework.

After a little while, I realised that anyone else building a Shopify theme based on Bootstrap would most likely be confronting the exact same issues that I was - having to lay out a whole bunch of templates and snippets “the Bootstrap way”, setting up standard layouts again and again, all the while impatient to get on to the “real” work of customising my store.

The updated theme for CitiPosters quickly fell by the wayside as I developed a solution to scratch this itch. The result is Bootstrap for Shopify, a well-documented, well-written clean slate for anyone wanting to rapidly develop a Bootstrap-based theme for a Shopify store.

This store uses the Bootstrap 2 version of my framework. If you'd like, you can check out the Bootstrap 3 Demo Store, or get even more information at http://bootstrapforshopify.com.


Thanks for visiting!

- Gavin