Welcome to Bootstrap for Shopify!

02 June 2013 by Gavin Ballard

Hi there!

Welcome to the demonstration site for Bootstrap for Shopify - a really easy way to start building great themes for Shopify, based on Twitter's Bootstrap framework.

When I first started looking at updating the theme over at CitiPosters, I tried to find a responsive, clean solution without a lot of the cruft that usually accompanies Shopify themes.

Not finding anything, I started wondering how hard it would be to build my own - if possible, based on Twitter's Bootstrap framework. The nuts and bolts weren’t too difficult, but I did find a number of quirks and edge cases thrown at me by Shopify’s theme templating system. 

After a little while, I realised that anyone else building a Shopify theme based on Bootstrap would most likely be confronting the exact same issues that I was - having to lay out a whole bunch of templates and snippets “the Bootstrap way”, setting up standard layouts again and again, all the while impatient to get on to the “real” work of customising my store.

The result of my scratching these itches is Bootstrap for Shopify: a well-documented, well-written clean slate for anyone wanting to rapidly develop a Bootstrap-based theme for a Shopify store.

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