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31 May 2013 by Gavin Ballard

Note: this post is an extract from Bootstrap for Shopify's “Getting Started” guide, which you can download for free from the Bootstrap for Shopify site.

If you've taken the time to download and read this guide, you've probably heard of the Bootstrap framework. Originally developed in-house at Twitter to provide internal web projects with a simple and usable interface, it's now the most widely-used front-end framework in the world.

Why is it so popular? Well, mostly because it provides a number of really common web UI components - grids, buttons, navigation bars, dropdowns, alerts, popup modals, et cetera - and does this cross-browser out of the box. More recent versions of Bootstrap have also included styles that help making responsive websites. Put simply, if you're looking to get a site up and running quickly, Bootstrap makes it very easy to produce something usable in a short amount of time.

There's a wealth of information out there on how to get started building Bootstrap sites, and I won't try to recreate them here (besides, I'm kind of assuming that most readers will probably have a working knowledge of the framework anyway). If you are just starting out with Bootstrap, here are the top resources I'd recommend:

  • Official Bootstrap Site: just reading through the documentation and examples on the official Bootstrap site can get you 90% of the way to Bootstrap proficiency! It really is pretty straightforward.

  • Bootstrap Introduction: Holly Schinsky over at Adobe's DevNet gives a good introduction to the framework.
  • Bootstrap on Github: reading through the original code for Bootstrap will give you a better understanding of how the framework has been assembled.

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